If you are looking for a car that combines stylish and sporty design with sharp handling, providing you with a nimble and agile drive, then the Alfa Romeo Mito could be the car for you. This car’s head turning design, with both sporty and aggressive elements, is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Bold and elegant, combining style with sophistication, making the Alfa Romeo Mito a must for any owner. In this blog, we will be discussing all about the Alfa Romeo Mito car, from its style, to unique drive, and technology features.


With its trademark triangular grille, the Alfa Romeo Mito merges the car’s lineage with a touch of sophistication. Another distinct feature is the cars offset number plate, positioned slightly off-centre to the driver side, which not only is a unique choice, but adds individuality to the cars overall sporty personality. Complete with rounded tail lights, the Mito further accentuates its sporty and elegant aesthetic, making it a noticeable and distinct design.

Unlike many hatchback cars within the modern era that follow the five door design, the Alfa Romeo Mito contains only three doors. Staying true to Alfa Romeo Mito’s sporty roots, this choice highlights the car’s sleek design, creating a sharper exterior with smooth curves.

Driving and Performance:

In terms of performance, the Alfa Romeo Mito features a 1.4L engine, complete with a MultiAir system. This system, originally invented through Fiat, controls the amount of air entering each cylinder, helping to optimise the air-fuel mixture for better combustion. With the increase in output, this car can handle 0-60 mph in 7.3 seconds on average, making it fall within just above the average car.

Overall the Alfa Romeo Mito is great for after school pickups, or smaller grocery runs. Despite this car being compact in size, it allows the user to be able to park quickly and efficiently with little to no hassle. This car can also be an advantage when dealing with crowded cities, as its sharp handling makes it great for manoeuvring between busy roads and parked cars. For users that prioritise a stylish and fun to drive car, then the Alfa Romeo Mito would be a perfect choice!


The Alfa Romeo Mito offers a range of technology features, but the main one to consider would be the Alfa DNA system. This system allows the driver to adjust the car’s driving dynamics through a smaller rotatable dial, offering three different modes. Each mode is adjusted to help drivers feel the safest when on the road, no matter the conditions.

Dynamic – This mode changes the car’s throttle response and steering to be sharper, assisting the driver by creating a sportier feel to the car.

Normal – This is the standard driving mode for the vehicle, providing the driver with a balanced all around feel to the car.

All-Weather – This mode tailors the car to suit harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snow or rain. When in this mode, the system monitors the tires grip on the road, and helps by applying braking pressure to individual wheels. This mode overall helps to apply a smaller bit of stability, reassuring drivers when stuck on the road during harsh conditions.

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