If you are wanting a stylish and powerful high end sports car, then the Audi A5 may be the car for you. This car will turn heads as you drive by, but its eye-catching appearance is not the only feature that stands out. The Audi A5 provides drivers with a highly comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, making it ideal for those wanting a car built for longer journeys. In this blog we will be covering all of the benefits of this beautiful sports car, from its overall appearance to technology and possible safety features available.


Design – The Audi A5 is available in two styles, the coupe featuring a sloped roofline that gives the car a sporty appearance and the sportback. The sportback offers a more practical hatchback design making it ideal for storing cargo, with both designs creating a stylish and sophisticated look for the car. The interior for the Audi A5 is designed to be both comfortable and luxurious. The seats are upholstered in high-quality leather, with the rest of the interior being made of soft to the touch materials, which can be completely customised by the customer.

Powerful Engines – The A5 has a range of turbocharged engines that offer both strong performance and smooth acceleration. Customers can choose between four-cylinder and V6 engines allowing for high power for family trips and occasional towing. Some models of the A5 are even available with all-wheel drive, making it much better for drivers to handle in harsher weather conditions.

Advanced Technology – The Audi A5 is packed with advanced technology features, to ensure that drivers have the best car performance. Audi cars now come with different ‘Technology Packs’ which, with an added price, include a range of added advancements that can help to support drivers’ experiences on the road.

Multi-coloured ambient lighting and a phone box light, fit with a portable charger are some of the basic features of this standard technology pack. All packs come fitted with park assist, to help drivers to park in smaller spots easily, without the hassle of having to reverse and try again. In the pro version, the Audi A5 comes fitted with a 360 degrees camera, head-up display, heated seats for the front seats and door mirrors with memory functions.

If you are unsure about handling this car, the Audi also comes with an ‘Assistant Tour Pack’ which gives features that can assist drivers. Active lane assist, turn assist and lane change are all features fitted within this car, making it a lot less stressful for drivers on motorways. Lane assist can also help to detect if the car is outside of the lines on the road, helping the driver to quickly fix mistakes, which can prevent any accidents on the road.

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