If you are looking for a car that produces an incredible off-road performance complete with a comfortable driving experience, then the Audi A6 All Road could be the car for you. This car, complete with Audi’s signature design, is a mastermind at balancing high performance and overall capability. In this blog, we will be covering the benefits of this vehicle, from its design, amazing performance and additional technology used to help drivers on the road.


The Audi A6 All Road is known for its unique and powerful performance on a range of different terrain. No matter if the weather is snowing, slippery or rainy, the A6 will adapt smoothly and safely. With this car’s adaptive air suspension, which raises the A6, this car is highly ideal for off-road travel. Despite this car’s midsize weight, making it heavier than most family cars, it makes a great vehicle for families looking for travel and road trips.

The Audi A6 comes fitted with a singular engine option, a turbocharged V6, producing up to 335 horsepower. With this power, the A6 can complete 0-60 mph in just under 7.8, making this car pretty quick for most drivers. The Audi A6 can reach speeds up to 143 mph, and whilst it may lack speed compared to other vehicles on the market, this vehicle makes up for it in its sheer power alone.


Following the Audi theme, the A6 comes built with a well-designed exterior full of sharp lines, dynamic contours and a slightly sloping roofline, which completes the overall sporty aesthetic. However, there are ways in which the All Road is different. This car comes featured with underride protectors, made from stainless steel, designed to give the vehicle a more adventurous look. To further help to protect the car from all of the rough terrain, the A6 features larger door sills, and larger exterior mirrors as well.

In terms of interior design, the A6 is crafted from premium materials like leather, soft-touch plastics and vinyl, to provide a comfortable experience for the driver. As well as this, there is also 565 litres of boot space within the car, making it the ideal vehicle for families that like to pack heavy for their travels. The rear seats can also be folded down, easily doubling the amount of boot space from 565 litres to 1660 litres of space.


Audi has completely kitted out the A6 with a range of different technological features, to help to aid safety and provide a comfortable and convenient trip for the driver. One of the main features in the Audi A6 All Road is the virtual cockpit, which is a customisable display that replaces the traditional gauges. This device allows you to see vital information, and offers the ability to customise so that the GPS is featured on the display, for easy access.

As well as this, the A6 also comes complete with a high-resolution touchscreen infotainment system, with added features such as voice control, apple carplay, and satellite radio. Audi connect can be added to this screen, allowing you to hotspot Wi-fi and contact emergency assistance. This system even allows you to access remote systems such as unlocking and locking the vehicle and controlling the climate within the car, from an app on your phone.

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