If you are looking for a car that maintains exceptional power on the road and sharp sturdy handling, then the Audi S6 could be the car for you. This car is known for its amazing performance on the road, creating a blend of thrilling power, with sleek design. In this blog we will be discussing the benefits of the Audi S6 car, from its performance to recognisable design, to driver assistance and technology on the road.


The Audi S6 is categorised as a powerful and sporty sedan, capable of achieving 0-60 mph in just 6.8 seconds. Whilst this car isn’t categorised as a supercar, it still packs a punch on the road. With over 440 horsepower, combined with the vehicle’s precise steering ability, the Audi S6 can ensure drivers feel confident on the road.

This car’s exceptional sharp handling, driving through any weather conditions has never felt more reassuring. To further enforce this, Audi utilises an all-wheel drive feature, providing extra grip on slippery roads with adaptive air suspension that moulds to your driving style.


Everybody can recognise the signature Audi design, and the S6 is no different. With clean lines and sharp angles this car is made for speed, providing a sporty feel both through its design and drive. Like all other Audi vehicles, this car features the signature singleframe grille design, further adding to the timeless aesthetic.

Despite the S6 following along with the rest of the Audi designs, there are some key differences. Smaller subtle yet impactful changes from the sportier front bumper to the quad exhaust tips, help to further add to the sporty and aggressive design of the car. But this car is not only about creating a sporty feel. With a luxurious interior made from premium leather materials, this car provides optimum comfort on long drives. The rear seats provide ample leg room for both children and adults making the S6 an ideal vehicle for travelling, or for turning heads when on the road.


The Audi S6 features a range of additional technological features that can provide entertainment and reassurance for drivers on the road. The highlight of this would have to be the 10 inch infotainment display, allowing drivers to control navigation, audio, phone calls and vehicle settings. The S6 also features an optional heads-up display that projects vital information such as speed, navigation and any traffic delays onto your windscreen, within your line of sight.

As well as this however, there is a range of driver assistant features included within this car. With a lane departure display, drivers can easily manoeuvre between other vehicles, especially on motorways. This can help drivers to be aware of when they are outside any lanes, preventing any accidents on the road from happening.

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