If you are wanting a timeless vehicle that combines both style and environmental concern then look no further than the BMW i8! This beautiful masterpiece is a plug-in hybrid car that is bound to turn heads with its rapid speed and sleek exterior. The BMW i8 prides itself on its futuristic design, with the vehicle’s scissor doors, providing the car with a luxurious feel. In this blog we will be covering all benefits about the BMW i8 car, from its high-quality design, to performance and fuel efficiency.

High Performance:

There is no surprise that the BMW i8 is a powerful car. Producing speeds of up to 155 mph, this vehicle contains a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. This, allowing the car to complete 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds, making it a very high competitor in the supercar industry. This BMW car comes featured with different driver modes, ensuring there to be a mode that will appeal to any driver.

As you probably guessed, comfort mode is made for a smooth and luxurious ride, ideal for long drives or driving through city traffic. When the driver enters this mode, the throttle is less responsive, making the shifts between gear that much smoother. In turn, this mode also helps the driver to navigate through traffic a lot easier, making those long drives a lot smoother and enjoyable overall.

Sport mode prioritises speed, so to make this happen the throttle response time becomes sharper, holding the gears faster to ensure a higher acceleration. As well as this, this mode responds much quicker to driver input, providing an optimised performance with better handling over the vehicle overall. Despite this however, this mode reduces the amount of fuel efficiency that the car produces, making it less environmentally friendly.

Hybrid Performance:

The BMW i8 is a hybrid car, meaning it contains both an electric and petrol engine. The car’s high-voltage battery is the car’s main electric motor source, which allows the i8 car to travel up to 75 MPGe in just electric mode. The i8 battery in electric mode is only made to travel short journeys, but also supplies the option to switch to a hybrid mode. This combines the electric motor with the petrol engine for longer journeys. The i8 car can be charged using a normal charging port for electric cars, however a dedicated charging station will result in reducing the amount of time needed for charging.

Fuel Efficiency:

The BMW is a highly energy efficient car, with its ECO Pro mode maximising fuel efficiency and in turn reducing environmental impact. When in this mode, the car’s engine and transmission consume less fuel, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the car. Overall this mode can result in an improvement of almost 20% in fuel efficiency compared to the cars standard driving mode.


When getting to witness this vehicle, there is no surprise that it belongs to the BMW family. With the company’s signature black belt design, stretching from the hood, across the roof and down to the rear of the vehicle, this car creates distinct visual separation from most cars on the market.

The BMW i8 is created with a low and wide structure in mind, which prioritises aerodynamics for both efficiency and stability on the road. This complete with sharp creases and flowing lines, creates a dynamic and sporty look to the car, with layering designs emphasising the sporty nature and compact look of the BMW. This would not be a talk about the BMW i8 without the scissor doors, which open upwards, adding a touch of drama and a futuristic design to the vehicle.

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