If you are looking for a car with expert off road capability and powerful acceleration, then the Land Rover Discovery may be the car for you. This beast of a vehicle comes with a comfortable and smooth ride, fitted with its eye-catching and recognisable Land Rover design. In this blog we will be discussing the benefits to the Land Rover Discovery, from its high and impressive performance, to its stylish design, and incredible safety features.


This incredible car is a monster on and off of the road. With incredible suspension, this vehicle comes with a range of features that help to tackle rougher terrain, such as the Land Rover’s Terrain Response System. This allows the driver to select the driving mode that they need, transforming the car to be more optimised for all weather and terrain conditions. Due to this car’s amazing size, there is a good ground clearance, allowing the vehicle to drive over rocks with limited hassle and without getting stuck.

As well as this, the Land Rover Discovery also has great acceleration and speed for a larger vehicle. This car can reach 0-60 mph in just 7 seconds, making it incredibly fast for a large SUV. Due to the car’s Turbo I-6 engine and the incredibly fast acceleration, there is no surprise that this vehicle is ideal for off-road terrain.


Land Rover vehicles have to be incredibly durable, especially since they have the ability to travel off-road. The Land Rover Discovery comes with a tall design and large windows, which excellent visibility allows drivers to see any oncoming obstacles and navigate roads confidently. The Discovery combines both a modern look with a rugged aesthetic, making this car sure to make heads turn both on and off-road.

As well as this, since the Land Rover Discovery is made for versatility, it also comes featured with a range of added design elements that help support drivers on the road. With a spacious interior and large amounts of cargo and passenger space, the Discovery is perfect for long road trips or family holidays. If more space is needed, the rear seats can fold down to produce 2406 litres of boot space, compared to 258 litres of boot space with the seats positioned up. The large cargo area is perfect for loading and unloading, whether that be luggage or camping equipment.


The Land Rover has a wide range of safety advancements to help assist drivers. Since the Land Rover Discovery is a huge car compared to most on the market, it comes featured with a 360 degrees surround camera system, assisting drivers so that it is easier to park, and navigating city streets.

The cars infotainment system helps to produce a range of extra safety measures to help to assist driving on the road. A driving monitor system can help to detect signs of fatigue, drowsiness and distraction and issues warnings to that driver to encourage them to take a break. This is a great way to prevent any crashes on the road, ensuring that drivers travel safely, especially on long distances.

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