If you are looking for a car that showcases a blend of performance and high-class, then the Mercedes GLC 43 AMG could be the car for you! This car’s luxurious interior, branded with the AMG Mercedes symbol, will have heads turning wherever you drive. In this blog, we will be discussing all of the benefits of the Mercedes GLC, from its incredible power, to stylish design and desirable fuel efficiency.


When you think of performance, the Mercedes GLC AMG is at the top of the list. With its exceptionally sharp handling, allowing you to take corners with high speed and precision, weaving through city streets will not be an issue!

Whilst this Mercedes has a key interest in power, safety is also a crucial element. Having sharp handling is especially important for speed enthusiasts, due to its ability to manoeuvre obstacles in the road, allowing you to respond quicker and avoid possible collisions.

The Mercedes GLC is all about creating confidence on the road, whether that is through its sleek design or devine driving experience. Complete with its ability to perform 0-60 in just 4.9 seconds, the GLC is a sports car that is forced to be reckoned with. This masterpiece comes fitted with a V6 engine, resulting in the GLCs speed and agility on the road. Producing a horsepower of 385, power is definitely on its side.


Having a great performance is not the only benefit where the Mercedes GLC shines. Complete with the signature Mercedes grille and a sculpted body, this vehicle produces a clean and balanced design, made for elegance. Despite the sleek appearance, the Mercedes also offers a unique package design for the AMG, allowing customers to customise the body, as well as the option for larger wheels.

Despite an elegant exterior, the Mercedes GLC comes featured with a luxurious interior, designed for driver comfort. Fitted with premium leather seats, and wooden trims, each detail is crafted to create a seamless and cohesive design. With customisation options for the entire interior, the Mercedes GLC is crafted to suit you. But the luxury does not stop there, with an extreme focus on producing comfort, especially for longer journeys.

Fuel Efficiency:

Mercedes is one of the most fuel efficient car brands, with the GLC AMG being the most fuel efficient SUV on the market. Having such an amazing fuel efficiency helps in creating a larger driving range on a single tank of petrol. Therefore, resulting in both saving the amount of money it costs to run the vehicle, making it highly favourable for those that drive frequently. Although this car is highly fuel efficient, it priorities its incredible power. This results in fuel efficiency of 18-25 mpg, which is considered highly good, especially for a larger SUV car.

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