If you are wanting a compact car that is not only stylish but also offers a unique driving experience, then the MINI Hatch could be the car for you! Its smaller size offers great fuel efficiency, making it perfect for those conscious about sustainability. The MINI Hatch has a completely customisable design, allowing this car to suit all customers tastes! In this blog, we will be covering all there is to know about the MINI Hatch, including its stylish interior and exterior design and its unique driving performance.


When considering design the MINI cars are well – known for their boxy shape, rectangular body shape and distinct round headlights. The MINI Hatch is no different however, showcasing the timeless 1950’s design that is sure to turn heads. When it comes to customisation the MINI Hatch offers the customers complete control, from choosing interior materials, to the trim on the exterior!

This car comes with a range of different options depending on the type of trim you choose, with the standard vehicle featuring high-quality fabrics. These fabrics are designed to be both durable and comfortable, even being produced from recycled fabrics, making the car even more sustainable. When it comes down to deciding which customisation options to go with, it is important to consider that other materials can be more expensive than others.

If you as a customer decide to go with a high level trim, MINI offers a premium leather interior, providing both upholstery on the seats as well as other touchpoint elements within the car. Overall however, the MINI Hatch features soft-touch plastics throughout the vehicle’s dashboard and door panels, providing a more comfortable and complete feel to the car.


The MINI Hatch is a highly sustainable car, with MINI making breakthroughs in recycling within the automotive industry. MINI recycle 99% of their waste, including the packaging materials from car components as well as the steel offcuts from seat covers. With this recycling rate, both BMW and MINI are laying the foundations for sustainable vehicles, right from the production stage.

When it comes to design, MINI also offers a sustainable alternative to their leather interiors. With the company now exploring the uses of recycled materials, as a way to hopefully have the production of leather come to a standstill. At the same time though, providing the same amount of quality and seating comfort, just through sustainable materials instead.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency:

Having good fuel efficiency is a factor that has only recently peaked many customers’ interests, as the rise of wanting to be more sustainable continues. MINI cars are known for being extremely lightweight cars for their size. Since lighter cars require less energy to accelerate and move around, it results in the MINI Hatch having better fuel economy overall.

MINI cars offer a range of turbocharged engines that are specifically designed for both power and efficiency. With diesel engines becoming obsolete with the latest generation of MINI models, the company offers customers the choice of either a 1.5 or 2.0 turbo petrol engine. These engines use technology such as direct injection and turbocharging to get the most power out of engines, making them highly fuel efficient overall.

In terms of performance the MINI Hatch features a unique driving experience, with handling similar to that of a go kart. Known for its tight steering and responsive suspension, the car feels almost like an extension of your own body. This overall makes the car perfect for winding roads and city streets, offering exceptional control and a sporty feel to the vehicle.

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