If you are looking for a car that is known for its practicality, providing plenty of space for passengers and cargo, then the Skoda Fabia may be the car for you. This comfortable car is well-designed with lots of legroom and headroom, making it perfect for long drives. In this blog, we will be covering all of the benefits of the Skoda Fabia, from its fuel efficiency, safety and stylish design.


Whilst this car is not the most flamboyant within the motor industry, its affordability is definitely an aspect that makes this car extremely desirable to customers. A brand new Skoda Fabia starts at a competitive level, around £12,000 for the entry level, making it a highly attractive vehicle to many budget-conscious buyers. Skoda cars maintain a high reputation for being a reliable car, as well as low maintenance costs. This totals up to less maintenance needs throughout the year, meaning that customers get to save a lot of money.

Fuel Efficiency:

The Skoda Fabia is known for being highly fuel efficient, coming with two different engine options. The 1.0L engine is more fuel efficient, since it holds less, but overall this will mean that the car will have to be filled up more often. With the 1.5L engine however, the car can run for a longer time, but overall will result in being less fuel efficient. Therefore, the engine customers end up choosing depends on whether they are looking towards spending less money on fuel, or are focusing on being more fuel efficient.


Despite this car being affordable, there is also many safety features that come fitted with the base model for the car. The Skoda Fabia comes fitted with Power-Assisted Steering, technology that means that the car remains stable even throughout small jolted movements that the driver could make. The car also comes with central door locking and anti-lock brakes, ensuring that the security for the car is very high, limiting the amount of possible break-ins. The Skoda Fabia also has an option to customise the level of equipment with the car, making it suitable for those looking to save money whilst still getting to personalise the vehicle.


There are many design features for this car, with the ability to customise the exterior completely, allowing this car to be personalised to suit the customers style. In terms of protection for the driver, Skoda cars come fitted with glazed windscreens that block UV radiation, deflect thermal radiation and defrost themselves in the winter time. For the interior however, the Skoda Fabia comes with a range of plastics, renforced for not only durability but also for style. The seats are made from plush suade materials, ensuring that the passengers maintain comfort throughout long drives.

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