The Tesla company is one of the most well known when it comes to recent technological and sustainable advancements. The Tesla Model 3 is no different, making it a highly desirable vehicle for those that are wanting to focus on sustainability as well as high-end comfort. This car, typically categorised as a compact executive sedan, specialises in peak performance, making it ideal for those prioritising comfort, especially for longer drives. In this blog, we will be discussing all about the Tesla Model 3, from its high performance, design customisation choices, and added safety and technology.


There are many different types of model of this Tesla car, each fitted with a range of customisation and technology features. Even in the standard Model 3, this car produced an impressive 0 – 62 in 5.6 seconds on average, making it one of the faster consumer cars on the market. The Tesla Model 3 also prioritises driver comfort as well as performance, with many added technological advancements to ensure an entertaining ride.


This five-seater is completely electric, featuring rear-wheel drive, an engineering strategy often used within sports cars. Like most other electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3’s battery is found in the floor, freeing up more space compared to a petrol or diesel-engined car. Overall this design choice results in their being larger boot space, not only for charging cables but even more space for storage. This storage space adds up to a total of over 542 litres of space for luggage, as well as there being a large range of space fitted between the two front seats.

Charging and Sustainability:

It is well known that electric cars are more sustainable than diesel cars in terms of the amount of carbon emissions that they are releasing. Since the Model 3 produces no emissions when it is driven, there is a reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gases on Earth. Diesel cars are much more desirable for longer drives in comparison, since electric cars have to be recharged.

The Tesla model has a range of 254 miles, on one charge, meaning that longer journeys will have to be planned with stops for charging in mind. Tesla has been working towards implementing electric charging ports across the world, inspiring more people to go for electric vehicles.

Tesla has been conducting a battery recycling program that reuses materials from end-of-life batteries, which is reducing the environmental impact of battery production. At the end of life, Tesla is recycling batteries at Umicore’s UHT facility in Belgium. Using this method, Tesla is saving a minimum of 70% of carbon emissions at recovery and refining of the metals, making this a great method for reducing the carbon footprint. To read more about Tesla environmental efforts, Click here.

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