If you are looking for an affordable car that prides itself on being small and sustainable, the Fiat 500 may be the perfect car for you! Its distinctive style and well known eye-catching design compliment the smaller appearance of this car, making it perfect for those of a smaller size, or those that live in smaller towns. This city car is complete with fully customisable interior and exterior, including a wide range of colours to choose from. In this blog we will be covering everything to do with the Fiat 500 car, from benefits and sustainability to appearance.


Size: Since it is pretty small in nature, it is also a great type of car for those who have just passed their driving test, and are looking for their first car. The small size also means that this car has a smaller turning circle, which means that it is easy to park, especially if you happen to live in a crowded or small town. This car is extremely popular with many countries across Europe for this exact reason, as its agile handling makes it simple to traverse through city streets.

Affordability: The Fiat 500 is an affordable car, which makes it highly desirable to those that are wanting a company car, or something simple for easy commutes. Due to the fact that the Fiat 500 is a compact car, it is much more affordable. This makes it much more desirable for budget-conscious customers who still want a stylish and functional car, without having to break the bank.

Sustainability: Due to its small size the Fiat 500 is also much more sustainable than many cars on the market. Smaller cars generally have a smaller environmental footprint, meaning that the reduced size often means lower emissions and fuel consumption. This contributes overall to a smaller impact on the environment, making it a desirable car to those that are wanting to save money on fuel costs.

Customisation: The Fiat 500 has a wide range of customisations that can be swapped and changed around, to ensure that customers get a car that is built to their specific wants and needs. From a wide range of colours, featuring bright and bold tones, to more sleek and monochrome palettes, the Fiat 500 has a colour for anyone! This car also features an opportunity to choose what type of engine that you want to put into the car, which depending on your choice can also help in the reduction of carbon emissions being released. The most popular colour choices for the Fiat 500 this year are bright red, black, grey and classic white. Although there are also more colours throughout a range of dealerships, which can be chosen from, to help customers in finding the car for them.

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