Cars and motor vehicles have been around for a couple of centuries, dating back to the first car being built in 1885 by Karl Benz. Like many items and services we use nowadays, they have evolved but cars have evolved so much that they have influenced both culture and society. Throughout this blog we will be discussing the significance of cars throughout time and their importance and impact on the world.

How Have Cars Evolved?

They started from using a hand – cranked start, virtually no safety from the no windshields or roof, and a pretty rudimentary design at the start of car production. To now a full enclosed design, fitted with seatbelts, windows, windshields and a motor engine. Using engines in cars is not new practice however, as the first car also used an internal combustion engine which burned gasoline and other fuels to generate power. The early 20th Century began with the addition of mass production cars, with an assembly line production technique designed in 1903, assisted in Henry Ford’s production of cars in 1908, the first widely affordable and accessible car for many. This therefore made cars a common mode of transportation for many, with these cars featuring rear-wheel drive that was often made from steel or wood. After the second world war, car innovation had increased further with air conditioning, seatbelts, padded dashboards and an improvement of overall aesthetics in cars increased as they became even more popular throughout the world. Moving towards recent cars and vehicles now, there is an increase in using more sustainable substitutes to petrol cars, with many companies such as Tesla focusing on creating hydrogen run cars, that create less combustion in the air overall.motors_placeholder

How Have Cars Influenced Us Culturally and Socially?

There are many ways in which cars have affected our society. By providing transportation and freedom to travel independently, it enables people to communicate, explore and visit places that are far away a lot easier than before. It also gives people who have their own car that they can operate, the freedom and responsibility to decorate and look after their car. With so many people having cars, it also creates an opportunity to grow the suburbs around cities as people can live further away from their place of work and drive to them instead. In addition to the social improvements that cars have made, there are also economic improvements. By buying cars, the automobile industry creates many new spaces for employment, giving those from poorer countries the opportunity to have a job. As well as this we see many car – related roles within pop culture, with many iconic vehicles becoming symbols of various eras. For example the Ford Mustang is commonly associated with the 1960s American Muscle Car era. Cars also have a huge role in film, with companies creating merchandise and products from popular movies such as Cars, and Fast And Furious.

Challenges That the Industry Could Face:

Whilst cars are very popular throughout wealthier countries there are still some that do not have access to a car or transport at all. It is important to see this as one of the challenges those in the automobile industry are yet to face. As well as this companies also have to focus on the new EU regulations that are being put into place in recent years, only having electric and hybrid cars and less petrol, as they want to increase the use of sustainable cars within the industry. This in turn will reduce the amount of combustion being released into the atmosphere, and make the world a much clearer and greener place for everyone.

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