Having good and reliable customer service at a car dealership is crucial for multiple reasons. It can play a significant role in shaping overall customer experience and can overall create a lasting impact on the success of the dealership. In this blog, we will be discussing reasons as to why having good customer service at a car dealership is important, how it can benefit the brand and what to expect when entering a dealership as a customer.

What to Expect:

If you are a customer looking to go into a car dealership, but are unsure about the type of help that you will receive, then here is a list of ways that customer service can help you find the perfect car.

Greetings and Welcomes – As you enter the door, a member of customer service staff or a sales associate will be there to greet you. They may offer you assistance, inquire about your needs and what services you are there for, and provide a general overview about the dealership.

Product Knowledge – Sales representatives should have an overall understanding of the types and models of the vehicles that they are selling. They may also provide information about different models, features, pricing, and overall which vehicles would be best to suit your own needs.

Financial Information:

If you as a customer plan on using loans to purchase your vehicle, there are many pathways that you could take. By filling out a short application on the company website, the customer service team will direct you to the type of loan that fits your situation the most. For example:

Bank Loan – To make sure that you are eligible for a bank loan, the bank will conduct a credit check. They check your credit score during this time, and will work out the amount of interest will be placed onto the loan. With a higher credit score often resulting in a lower interest rate. Customers also have to fill out a loan application which you will have to enter personal details as well as details about the car.

Lease Purchase – If you are unsure whether to buy the car or just to lease, the lease plan is a great way to go. Leasing a car is where you would make monthly payments to the dealership and in turn you would get to enjoy the vehicle. Essentially, it is a rent to own plan, where after the time is up the customer gets a choice whether to purchase the car or to go find another model.

Private Loan – Using this method will allow you to be able to contact investors who are willing to provide affordable financing based upon your own unique situation, not just using your credit score. This method is highly flexible and it is much more forgivable in comparison to a bank loan.

Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction:

Positive interactions with customers can lead to customer satisfaction and trust. Excellent customer service also contributes to customer loyalty, as when customers feel as though they are taken care of, they are more likely to return and make repeat purchases. Customers are also going to become loyal to the brand, due to the frequent excellent customer service, as well as their needs and wants being met by the company.

Brand perception:

Customers who have had a good experience with a company are more likely to recommend it to friends, family and others within the community. This is a great way to advertise the company’s services, whilst also maintaining a high reputation based upon previous customers experiences. The quality of the customer service that a company can offer also relates how customers perceive the band. When customers feel respected, and have positive experiences, this overall contributes to a favourable brand image. Whereas if the customer service is poor, it can harm a company’s reputation in a bad way.

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