If you are looking for a luxurious car that prioritises itself on being environmentally friendly, then the Volkswagen ID3 could be the right car for you. This comfortable car offers a preppy and engaging driving experience, making it great for those who are wanting to make shorter trips, such as picking up the kids from school. In this blog we will be discussing the benefits to the Volkswagen ID3 from its fuel efficiency, performance, design and technology.


The Volkswagen ID3 is an electric vehicle that whilst not known for its power or speed, offers great handling and comfortable driving experience. The ID3 can be fitted with a choice of two different battery pack options, the Pro, and the Pro S. The Pro battery whilst smaller in size can complete 0-60 in 7.4 seconds, whereas the Pro S can complete it in 7.9 seconds due to its heavy weight and larger size.

The Volkswagen ID3 benefits from its rear-wheel-drive-layout, which allows the car to provide a much more engaging driving experience overall, compared to the front-wheel drive. Since this is a smaller car on the market, it has a lower centre of gravity, contributing to the car’s sharp handling.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly:

ID3 is a highly environmentally friendly vehicle, since it is fully electric. In real-world driving conditions, which can be affected by the weather, driving style and highway usage, many drivers can expect to receive around 180-270 miles on a single charge. As well as this, Volkswagen claims that the ID3 is made in a carbon neutral way, using more recyclable materials to make the vehicles much more sustainable.


Despite being a smaller car, the Volkswagen ID3 utilises a boxy yet modern design in order to generate more space for the interior. As well as this, the car’s headlights feature a sleek design, with LED strips outlining the main lamps and extending towards the VW logo in the centre of the car.

In terms of the interior of the car, there is definitely a clean and minimalist aesthetic, with a main focus on the technology additions. The amount of buttons within the car is kept to a minimum, instead most functions are controlled through the large infotainment touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard.

Technology and Driver Assistance Systems:

The Volkswagen ID3 large infotainment system allows for drivers to utilise commands using their voice, which allows you to change climate control and navigation. It also allows for a smartphone to be connected, allowing drivers to play music and podcasts as they please.

There is also a range of different safety features such as Lane assist, Adaptive cruise control and Blind spot monitoring. These are all features that can help to assist drivers when on the road, preventing accidents and being careful of any obstacles that may occur.

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